Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sprig Toy's ~ Kid-powered, eco-friendly toys. Get outside and play!

Easter is such a fun time of the year, I love looking at all the Easter decorations, the eggs, the pastel colours, and all the plush little bunnies.  Though we are not necessarily a religious household, I still like to hold on to the idea of appreciating what the original holiday was supposed to represent, and give thanks for my family.  I like to show them my appreciation and love through buying them copious amounts of chocolate and sugar.  No really, I like to take the time to buy them treats that I think they will enjoy.  It's fun for me.  Though this year, things were a bit rushed.  I ended up with all the other late shoppers trying to score a few Mr. Crunchie Bunnies before they were all sold out.  Not so much fun I have found.  It was like Christmas out there and we were all fighting over the last Cabbage Patch Kid or Wii.  It was pandemonium  Through the throngs of other parents all fighting to grab on to the last bag of mini eggs and goo filled Cadburies, I just wanted to get the heck out of there.   I managed to grab a hold of four boxes of chocolate rabbits.  Much to my chagrin  and that of my step-kids on Sunday morning, I only managed to get Mr.Nutty's not Mr.Crispy's.  Lesson learned for next year.  Now, with the content of my blog, you must be thinking..."why would she be buying all that crappy commerical, over-processed, over-packaged stuff?"  I have asked them that question myself.  Well the simple truth is, they are teenagers and they just don't care about quality or want to think about what is in what they eat.  What they know is what they see advertised and what they see on the shelves of all the major stores.  That is what they want, so we buy what them what they will eat.  

Once I was able to acquire a sufficient amount of chocolate for the kids, my next stop was Winner's.  I like the idea of getting a small gift so the amount of chocolate that I buy seems like more because the gift takes up most of the room in the basket.  And Winner's always has a great selection of cool brand name t-shirts for the boys and neat girly things for my teenage step-daughter.  After picking out some Hurley t-shirts and a couple of beauty products for the kids I set out to find something for the youngest a two year old girl who loves trucks, trains and all things cool.  That is when I came across Sprigs.  It is a product made out of recycled material, and reclaimed sawdust.  They call it sprigwood.  It is paint free, so we don't have to worry about the toxins leaking out.  The packaging is all recyclable as well.  They have a whole line of toys.  I bought my daughter a front loader, as she loves all things construction which she calls "up-down's".  Though the toys are made in China, which is a down-fall (it would be much better had it been made in North America) but it is a neat alternative to the toys in the market if you are interested in a somewhat greener and eco-friendly option.
Here are few of the toys that they have on Amazon.  The average toy runs between $20.00 and $30.00 at Winner's they sell on average between $9.99 and $16.99.  Great prices but hard to find in most strores.  Here is a link to their website to check out other products they have from their construction line of toys to their adventure series and their story builders.   You can also download pictures to colour from their website.

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